Saturday, 14 January 2017

Let's Walk

We woke up to a beautiful blue sky with the moon still present making for a very romantic image.  The day proceeded to live up to that beautiful beginning.
Another long forest dog walk was on the programme and during it we met 4 horses, one jogger and a large, black dog. Although Flora was a bit weary at first she relaxed when the dog paid her no attention whatsoever and she even made some moves in his direction. It was definitely a him so that might have encouraged her. Normally the forest is very quiet and it's good to come across all these different people and animals just to see how she reacts to it all.
 The light within the trees was lovely.
Above is the sunset from yesterday taken from the garden and I expect it will be much the same today as again we have sunshine and a clear sky.


peggy gatto said...

thank for my walk !gorgeous moon here too, 4:30 glow !

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I so enjoyed your description of your walk and Flora's blossoming!


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