Sunday, 19 March 2017

Here come the daffodils and Flora

Tomorrow it will be exactly 4 months since Flora's arriva,l and  oh, how she has come on in that time. She is gaining in confidence day by day and her walking on a lead is steadily improving. A few days ago she even met another dog and gave her a friendly greeting. That was a first!
Both she and I can't wait for some real spring weather to arrive which I'm hoping will be more to her liking (and mine!). At the moment it is still quite cold and wet but at least the daffodils are almost out and will begin to provide some cheerful colour in the garden.
It is so hard to capture Flora at full speed. She can't half shift on those small legs and by the time I click the shutter she is no longer where I thought she might be. I'll get it right one of these days.
However she is getting very good at posing for the camera!


peggy gatto said...

How lovely!
The daffodils are lovely too !!!!!!!

Linda Kunsman said...

she is such a sweetheart and how lucky for you to have found each other. Hugs!


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