Saturday, 18 March 2017

Yellow Heart

This last week hasn't been one of the best of my life. On Monday I had an altercation with our garage door which I lost, resulting in a big bump on the head and an enduring headache that only today seems to be diminishing a bit. The weather has been atrocious and we had no electricity all day  yesterday due to maintenance work. It does make you realize just how many activities require power. Despite having loaded up the iPad with a talking book and having a hand quilting project on the go things weren't the same. The house was freezing and we were obliged to get some take-away food (not that I minded too much about that!).
Today isstill wet as you can see on the above pictures but the temperature felt a little bit more springlike and I'm hoping these primroses won't be drowned before the real spring weather arrives. They are bought ones but there are signs that the ones that are in the ground are also coming.

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