Thursday, 30 March 2017

Roads less travelled

It has been too long since I went on a spontaneous road trip but today after collecting one of my quilts which had been beautifully quilted by Kay Bell, I spotted a turning for St. Mary's Loch, so  I turned off the main road (that itself was one track!) and had some fun on single track lanes where the only obstacles are cattle grids and sheep. This is where small cars have a distinct advantage!
Don't you just love such multi-coloured sheep!
I was reminded of the fact that I love to do this, and should start to plan  more of these little photographic excursions now that the weather will only get better. I have been on some roads I have never been on before today and although the weather was a bit miserable the views were still great. 

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Penny said...

Oh I love this.


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