Wednesday, 7 June 2017


The prompt today on Artful Adventures, Stroll through the Hood is: Geometric

And finally I can reveal that Nathalie  (huge thanks to her!)asked me to be one of the Guest Designers of this wonderful project. I had a lot of fun putting together an art journalling page combining many of our prompts thus far but with the geometric one as the most prominent feature. To find out which of the many geometric features in Penicuik Estate I've used for my project you need to follow the link to the class. 

The most prominent geometric feature in the Penicuik Estate is of course the house itself. Above it's south façade. The house is in the Paladian style and was built in the middle of the 18th Century. The house has now been fully preserved after the 1899 fire that virtually destroyed it. The walls are stabilized and should hopefully still be there for future generations to admire.

You can find my entire project, and the picture that inspired it, on the completely free class site )I so enjoyed the Artful Adventures class (one more day to go!) and it has given me a new appreciation of where I live as well as a set of photographs that will give me inspiration for a long time to come!

Below is the tiniest, teeny weeny detail from my project and as you can see Flora managed to wheedle her way onto the page, which is only right as she did all the strolling through the hood with me. For the full project sign up for the class here

Here are some more of my favourite geometric features in the Estate:

 The bridge by Water Willie's fountain
As you can tell the geometric of the pattern is closely connected to the Chinese Gates that I have featured here before.
This is the Roman Bridge, which has been fully restored recently as part of the 2015 - 2035 plan for the Estate. Note the fast flowing water today after a full day of rain yesterday. The river was wild!
And here another glimpse of the Allan Ramsay monument erected in honour of that Scottish poet and prominent figure in the Scottish Enlightenment. This is still to be restored, but it's my favourite feature of the Designed Landscape of the estate. 


Susuko said...

Hi! This is really a beautiful place to visit! And what a surprise! I thought you were a simply student like me! LOL
Thank you for your free lesson, when I made my stroll through Nat´s prompt for today I will sign up!
Greetings from Berlin!
Susana (SusuKo)

Susuko said...

Only a note: The links don´t work.

Gunvor said...

Lovely photoes! I'm heading over to se your tutorial - what a wise decision Nat made asking you!


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