Thursday, 8 June 2017


Today the weather is dismal with endless rain showers. Flora was quite insulted that I took her for a walk along the old railway line this morning and personally I thought I was mad too! Fortunately the forecast had foretold these conditions yesterday so I took the opportunity then (on a much nicer day) to take some pictures of our latest (and last) prompt on Artful Adventures, Stroll through the Hood.

I think Nathalie left the hardest prompt till last. Temporary is a difficult concept to portray, despite the fact that everything in life (including this photographer) is here only temporary (that goes for the results of our UK election too, which might be consoling to the losers!). A human lifespan is but a blink of the eye compared to humanity's existence on this earth and the history of the earth itself. Somehow I have always find this a very soothing thought. Whatever happens, it won't last!
However I am far less sanquine about the length of life of my pets! The thought that they will probably die long before I do  (and indeed many have already)  makes me very sad on an almost daily basis. On one hand it's good. Hopefully Flora will be loved by us and looked after for all of her life. But that also means that one day she (like all our dogs, cats and chickens) will no longer be with us and that is an unbearable thought I try not to think.

I am not the only one so attached to her dog(s). There is a lovely pet cemetery in Penicuik Estate, tucked in by the side of the Lime Walk, in honour of pets from the past. How peaceful a place they have to rest after their temporary existence. I'm sure Toby, Monkey  and all the other animals must have been very beloved!

The Artful Adventures have now come to an end, and I for one will miss them. The strolls through the neighbourhood will continue, of course, apart from very rainy days! Many thanks to Nathalie Kalbach for thinking up such a fun project. It has left me with an arsenal of pictures to use as inspiration for future projects.

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goze said...

It has been a pleasure getting to know you and "stroll" through your hood via your photos. Nat's challenge has been inspirational for all of us.


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