Monday, 5 June 2017


Growth is our prompt today on Artful Adventures, Stroll through the Hood. It's an ideal time to see things grow here in the Scottish Borders where spring is in full swing. Lots of plants have started to flower but first there is this amazing structure which is filled to the brim with caterpillars. Sadly I can't picture the movement going on inside but little creatures are wriggling away like mad. They make a silken web for protection, mainly on haw- and blackthorn bushes. Most likely they are members of  the Small Ermine moth family
yellow iris

wild valerian

And then there is the hawthorn, spreading it's bridal veil like flowers everywhere. Above in the Penicuik Estate (like all the pictures above)
And also by the railway bridge closer to home. 


Nancy said...

I thought the picture with the yellow iris was going to be ripples growing outward when a pebble is tossed, I was wrong.

Nathalie Kalbach said...

What a cocoon - amazing!


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