Wednesday, 28 June 2017

I collect Memories

This month's prompt on Wanderlust 2017 was to finish the following sentence: I collect........ Truth is I collect many things such as books, paints, stencils (but honestly, can you ever have too much of any of those!!). In the end though I settled for memories. We all collect those, consciously or unconsciously. When I was young it just happened as life was going on around me. Now I am much more aware of making memories as I pass through life. So I have added a very much younger version of myself to the spread in the form of a transparency.
I am working in Finnabair Mixed Media Journal, produced by Prima, on one of the craft sheets and that inspired me to use gold gesso as the bottom layer.  I collaged with a collection of vintage images and text, music sheets,  as well as wrapping and old scrapbook paper.
 I also rubber stamped using a black Archival ink pad, and one of the foam stamps from Nathalie Kalbach's Santa Fe set, as well as rubber stamps from a stamp set by ImpressMeNow. I stencilled on some text (using stencil L267 Vintage Script from Stencilgirl Products)  as well as the petals (TCW351s Mini Vine designed by Dina Wakley)
 I also added a Dutch stamp (that's where my earliest memories were made).


peggy gatto said...

Another wonderful stenciled and collaged piece!

Linda Kunsman said...

beautiful layers and colors and I love your thoughts on collecting!


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