Saturday, 25 November 2017

A Grateful Day

There was a magical world outside this morning as we had just over an inch of snow overnight, the sun was out,  and there had been a hard frost. I took the advice given in the video link mentioned at the end of my previous post and treated the day as if it could be both my first as well as my last. During the early dog walk along the railway I made my way into the forest via a drainage ditch and entered a winter wonderland. Flora skipped ahead and had so much fun that it filled me with just as much joy.
Neither of us wanted the walk to end so we kept on going, meeting up with 3 other little dogs in the process.
We made it to the top of the forest where once there used to be some great views but now that the trees have grown to impressive heights the trees themselves have become the view.
 The textures on the branches were accentuated by the snow.
It was breathtaking and perfect for either a first or a last day.

We also had another great walk in Penicuik Estate in the afternoon but there hadn't been as much snow there so for once no pictures.

Flora's social life continued with a visit to the new premises of our vet who had an Open Day this afternoon and dogs were welcome too. Flora was amazing, meeting and greeting both dogs and people, including some small kids and a tiny tot. They all stroked her and she was so gentle. Compared to a year ago she is barely recognizable as the same dog that arrived petrified and scared from Romania. I would never have thought she could come this far but this is one very courageous girl. Rewards came her way!

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