Tuesday, 7 November 2017

MiniMini 34

The progress on my MiniMini quilts is painfully slow. But slow progress is better than no progress at all so I'm trying not to mind. This is number 34 and at the moment I haven't quite decided how many more I need but definitely more than 34!
All these quiltlets are 6" (or 15cm) square and will be put together eventually into a larger piece of work. This one is machine quilted, raw edge appliqued with hand stitching, and hand beaded with size 11 seed beads. It is further embellished with a button.
I always photograph them against other things so you can see the scale of the work (see top picture). Seeing the picture I might decide to do some dusting today!

1 comment:

Linda Kunsman said...

I love looking at the fine details in the stitching and beading. Another beautiful addition to your growing collection.


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