Monday, 22 January 2018

Art Cards 7 - 16

Behind the scenes I am working away on my #365somethings2018 art card (sized 3 x 3") project. You can find each individual one on my Instagram feed. But I also wanted to share them here so you are getting them in batches whenever I can fit them into a blog post. The idea is to work on the cards every day but not to necessarily finish one every day. Sometimes I work on backgrounds, then on another day rubberstamping is added, then stencilling, collage, ink dripping or whatever else I can think off, till one of the cards looks like it is almost done. Then I concentrate on finishing that particular one. Eventually I still hope to have 365 finished cards at the end of the year. Above No. 7 - 15.
And this is no. 16, the most recently finished one. As you can see it has gelli plate printing, rubber tamping, collage with vintage text as well as washi tape. The face became the last addition to serve as a focal point. It was outlined with water soluble oil pastels.

1 comment:

Dawn C. said...

Oh, your art cards are so beautiful! All those luscious layers!


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