Sunday, 21 January 2018


The prompt on Joggles Art Journal Adventures was to use the number 7 and as an optional extra to add a border. At first I didn't feel like adding a border as the journal I'm working in is only small (A5 size) but I wasn't all that happy with my spread once it was done (hey, it happens!) and thought a border might help, and it did. It looks a lot better surrounded by that black.
 I started with the background that was done with acrylic paint and the L564 Impressionist Brush Texture stencil by Stencilgirl Products.  To this I added some stamping with a Dylusions stamp as well as with an art foamie called Ring Hopscotch designed by Balzer Designs.
I glued on the number 7 (from a piece of wrapping paper) onto previously painted deli paper and then added it to the pages as shown. Part of a quotation were done on a Dymo writer and self-adhesive transparant tape. It reads: "7 colours make a rainbow, 7 chords make a music, 7 days make a week". Also added was: "7 continents make a world", but that has now vanished into the border.
To make the border I used the Dylusions Journal Block (by Ranger)and a permanent black marker. I'm still not over the moon with the pages but this was a week where snow shovelling and dog walking in snowy conditions took up most of my time  and other art stuff sort of fell by the roadside.

The snow has now iced up and it's very slippery under foot. We managed a walk in the forest without finding a deer's hoof (unlike the previous 3 days!), but that might be because we kept Flora on a very long (15feet) lead. Hopefully when the snow has vanished we will be able to conduct a full search and clear up any deer remains that haven't been taken by foxes or other dogs. However more snow is expected by midday so all bets are off!

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