Monday, 4 June 2018

The Canvas Project

Sharing is part of art making and I have shown you several projects before that were part of The Sketchbook Project . Apart from sketchbooks this project also organizes other art events and The Canvas Project was one of these.

It was described as: "a visual encyclopedia compiled by creative people around the world, completed on mini canvases and crowd sourced by a global art community". What this means in fact was that you signed up, and were send a 4 x 4 canvas accompanied by a word. The task was to art on the canvas using that word as inspiration. Once finished the canvas is to be returned to the Brooklyn Art Library where it will be included in a book featuring all 2000 words. Afterwards each artist will receive another artist’s canvas back in a worldwide swap. That was the main attraction for me.

It sounded like fun and I signed up, not once but twice! Then I waited for my canvasses to arrive and discover what words would come my way. Sadly sign-ups are now closed (there were only 2000 word tickets available) but you could of course do the same by randomly opening a dictionary or encyclopedia with your eyes closed and put your finger down anywhere on the page and use that word as your starting point. 

I also used these 4 x 4" canvasses for my June project as guest designer for Stencilgirl® and that means you can find a step by step tutorial on the Stencilgirl®Talk website today where you will discover the two words I was given to use on my canvasses and how I interpreted them.

Boffo and Coxcomb anyone? It's going to be hard to part with this pair but as soon as this blog post is up today I'm going to pack up the two canvasses and send them off. Can't wait to hear where they will end up eventually. And of course which ones I will be receiving in return. I'll make sure to share them with you when they arrive!

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