Monday, 2 July 2018

Monarch of the Glen

During our long and hard winter this year we spotted many deer. They were short of food and ventured out of the forest to try and find something to eat. It is always a joy to see these wild creatures even though we had to sacrifice our ivy!

Scotland is known for it's deer population and that means that the painting Monarch of the Glen by Landseer is a nationally treasured painting. Some years ago we even had a television series named after it.

I love deer so grabbed this opportunity as monthly Guest Designer for Stencilgirl  Products® to produce my own version on a 9 x 12" sheet of watercolour paper. You can find a full step by step tutorial here.

As per usual when I'm working on a project on a loose page, I made another page using exactly the same methods, just in case there was a bit of a disaster at some stage. There wasn't, so I had a page left on which I did the opposite as on the main project, using the stencil instead of the mask as I had done there. The image below is the result.

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