Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The Stencilfied Journal Prompt 5

As you can see below we have reached week 5 of #thestencilfiedjournal already and you can see what the prompt was below. I’m a day late but this is my contribution.
I started work in my 9 x 14 cm journal, with a hefty dose of collage using vintage text, tissuewrap, postage stamps and washi tape. I also added gold and silver washi tape in the middle of the spread to represent the mirrow mentioned in the prompt. Distress Crayons and paint were added and then partially removed again using stencil L577 Pomegranate Seeds Grape Apple from Stencilgirl  Products® (using their stencils is a requirement of the project and of course I love them!).I also rubber stamped with some small Tapestry stamps as well as a larger stamp with French text.
Once I was happy with how it all looked I grabbed the large stencil from the December 2017 Borderline Stencilgirl® Club for the silhouette of the face and rubbed off the stencil with a gold Shiva oil stick.  I did some outlining with black markers and added eyes to the faces with washi tape by Jane Davenport.
I found the vintage quotation about the cracking mirror in an old book of quotations. 
As you can tell on the picture above I also sprayed some gold mica about, just because! Because I just love a bit of sparkle.

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