Friday, 2 February 2007

My art now in Theresa's album and more LAC art!

I've spend today amalgamating Theresa's 2 albums and sewing in my pages. They look great now that they are on facing pages and here is the picture:

Then I decided to stop beaded that flipping quilt for today and make some more LAC art.(LostArtCreations, see link on the right!).

Rather than make another ATC I made a Squared Art piece (5" sq.) using as the background another collage which I sprayed with Adirondacks acrylics after it had dried. Wonderful stuff, just have to watch I don't cover the entire kitchen in it!

It featured an Italian landscape in the background, music notes, and flowers and somehow made me think of weddings.

So I added a couple (from the My Love inkjet vellum sheet) using stitching to attach them to the background, found a really appropriate quotation in a vintage book ("It seems wonderful to think that you are my wife. I can scarcely believe it - even yet!") . To emphasize the theme of eternal love I added the circle (from LAC transparency sheet Ironwork) and added a clock face (from 7Gypsies) and a heart brad (from Artchix Studio) It made sense to add 3 more heart brads in the centre of the piece and a peach coloured flower brad (from to finish off the piece. I then mounted it on watercolour paper and zigzagged stitch with gold thread around the edges. Hope Terrie (from LAC) likes it, it's one of my pieces as her guest artist.

I was definitely on a roll by now and decided to tackle a swap I had signed up for on the list themed: Altered Postcards. The idea was to cut an ATC sized piece out of a commercial postcard and alter it in some way. I bought my postcards from Paperchase and here is one of them: the original postcards was of (Altered?) VW Beetles, so I added a transparency from and added the text: Is that my getaway car? I've made some more, look out for these tomorrow as I want to do some beading around the edges of those.

A great day, artwise, and the weather helped by being wonderfully sunny, in fact it felt like spring!

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