Sunday, 4 February 2007

What I've been doing this weekend and another mail miracle

This has been an eventful week mail wise and yesterday I received some ATCs which were mailed on the 6th December in Oregon, US , using Global Priority(!!). It does not seem to have been disturbed, everything was still in the envelope and there was nothing to indicate where it had been in the meantime. Amazing. Also LuAnn received the napkin ATC swap cards which I mailed (Airmail) on the 5th January, so that took almost a month as well. One of life's mysteries!! I'm now eagerly awaiting my gigantic Artchix order and also the extra goodies for my $50 voucher. That will be a star day, for sure.

I finished my Journal Quilt 2007 January. This is not for Houston (they are doing only 1 quilt this year but larger size) but for the Contemporary Group of the British Quilters' Guild. We don't have to keep these secret, but for the moment I'm only uploading them to this site, nowhere else.

I am truely indulging myself with these ones. Going heavily on nostalgia and beading. Two things I'm really crazy about at the moment. They are also A4 size rather than 8.5 x 11". Here it is:

As I promised in my last post, I finished my cards for the Altered Postcard ATC Swap on . I made 4 and am keeping this one for myself. The card comes from Paperchase and the transparency is from, I love the way the flowers come through the horse and lady (card is called: Lady upon a pale horse). It looks wistful and dreamlike.

Finally I have been working away on cards for the Floral Beauties competition for Artchix Studio. We are making art 2.5 x 5" large which will then be reduced to 1/2 size cards which can be bought on later on this year. I was only going to make one but somehow ended up with 3. Really pleased with them all. They had to be given girls names and mine are called Rose, Marguerite and Charmian. They also had to have flowers somewhere on the cards. Here they are:

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