Thursday, 1 February 2007

We can all relax (for now!)

If only we could all live our life like my baby Troi! She sleeps her days away surrounded by her cuddly toys, reluctantly rising for a walk (as long as it is not raining!), loved by all who know her.
I too am in a relaxed mode now but we've had a few eventful days awaiting the arrival of Theresa's parcel which contained her second, Abby and Deann's albums. Should have been here on Monday and was not, noone had tried to deliver and yet on the tracking site it said "premises closed". I immediately was suspicious and indeed it turned out to be a scam. Now all sorted out, and Theresa is getting her money back plus we've had 2 apologies, from FedEx and Global Priority. Just what I asked for. Always know what you want when you are complaining and I made this crystal clear. I'm so pleased as it had cost a lot of $$ to send which will now be refunded.
When I'm upset, I shop (actually I also shop when I'm feeling happy!!) and this caused the purchase of a book called Kaleidoscope which someone on one of my groups recommended and written by the editor of the Artitude Zine, as well as a Hot Crystal Applicator which should enable me to apply 8 different sizes of Swarowski crystals to my work, both quilts and mixed media.
Haven't had the chance to use it but will report once I have!!
Enjoying the peace and quiet at the moment, in fact, I might join Troi on her beanbag!!

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