Friday, 23 March 2007

Alphastamps Fabric Postcard and an Exotic ATC

I've spend most of today finishing off fabric postcards for a swap on Alphastamps ( This is a 5 for 4 swap and I had fun using a variety of different fabric collages for them. The theme was Spring Fling and all the fabric images I used came from the Lovers fabric sheet from Alphastamps. I added seed beading, lovely heart beads which I acquired on Ebay and suitable quotations from a Quotation book.

Of course I could not resist making one for myself to keep and after making them all I choose this one, as I really liked the background of the warehouses and the ship. The text We'll o'er the sea, seemed so appropriate as this is precisely what John and I did when we were first married. The edge around the postcards (apart from the orange one) is a transparent ribbon which I bought from I ordered one of all the colours they do and I just love them!

Finally I also finished my card for the Exotic lottery on the CChix Yahoo group. It's French text translates as : What a happy end he had promised her!! I just did not happen as you can see!

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Lenna said...

Dear Frieda! Your postcards are sooooo beautiful. Leslie from Alpha Stamps had excitedly told me yours were done and they are just perfect! I have the same rubber stamp, "An affair to remember" : )) seems we have passionate things in common.

Your ATC project is a huge inspiration to me. I love seeing what you have added each time I visit, and the poem your friend sent along with the photos of your dogs & cats is wonderful.

Love a lovely visit with your mom.
xo Lenna


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