Wednesday, 21 March 2007

My pets

Although I've been busily working away in my studio today, there are no finished products to show you today. Instead I'm going to show off my wonderful babies. I've taken some new pictures to add to the photoalbum on the ArtistsUnleashed Yahoo Group which was started by Bernie Berlin specially to help raise money for her APlacetoBark charity ( We are showing our own animals off to the different members as most of us own rescued animals. All mine are rescued, and include 1 greyhound, 1 unique dog (i.e. a mix of all kinds of everything), 2 now elderly (15 years old) kittens, as I still call them, a rescued cockerel and 2 chickens.

Above is Troi, my greyhound. She herself was not a rescue dog but her mother Star was a racing greyhound, which was abandoned, taken in by the Greyhound Awareness League ( and promptly produced 9 puppies, of which Troi was the youngest (but also the bossiest!!). All the pups were given names inspired by Startrek and Troi is one of the few who kept her name when she was homed as I rather liked it! She spends her days and nights on this gigantic bean bag (the largest size available!), which has recently been covered in a luxurious furry throw. She rises reluctantly for a walk but only if it isn't too cold and definitely not when it rains!!
Rueben also came from the Greyhound Awareness League, but his greyhound credentials are unsure. He was a stray in Glasgow and was taken home by one of the GAL volunteers. As she had 6 greyhounds already she reluctantly put Rueben up for adoption and I took one look at him on their website and simply KNEW he was my dog. And so it proved!! He is a real boy, nothing fazes him and he loves rain, wind, puddles, mud and cold. He can also be trusted with the chickens whereas Troi definitely can't!!

And here are my lovely gentlemen, Brush and Sweep. They are 15 year old brothers who have spend their entire lives together, alternately loving each other to bits and having mock fights. Sweep, the black cat, is the boss in this house, controlling both dogs and his brother with the greatest ease despite being a small and thin cat. It's a lot of fun to see him chasing the greyhound around our living room and Troi trying to curry favour with him by licking his ears!!

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