Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Amazonian creature

This post has a vintage nude image so don't read any further if this offends you!!

I have been removing ever more paper from my foundation pieced quilt top (I'm not going to use this method for some time to come!) but it's now done. The floor of the studio is literally covered in paper bits, and so are my clothes. I'm spreading paper bits wherever I go. So pleased that is over and done with. Now I can start thinking about the border of the top. I've got a good idea, question is have I got enough fabric to do it?? More later!

I've finished putting together my talk for Saturday when I'm giving a slide lecture to the Scottish region of the British Quilters Guild. I have it in both slide form and on a CD as apparently the college has a digital projector. This will be a first for me so should be interesting. I'm talking about Journal Quilts, Fabric Postcards and Artist Trading Cards.

Then I finished ATC no. 53 in my 100 ATC project. This one has been knocking around the studio for quite some weeks as I could not decide if it needed any more or not. In the end not won! Sometimes less is more and all I did to finish is stitch it on a watercolour background using zigzag and beaded around the edges. The background is one of my fabric collages and the image is from Artchix (

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