Thursday, 29 March 2007

Charm Bracelet

I spend yesterday finally catching up with the Charm Bracelet class in the Bead Shop in Haddington. I was meant to do this last December but I had food poisoning on the day and they kindly allowed me to do it on another day which turned out to be yesterday. I did take beads with me to make the bracelet (honestly!!!) but of course I could not resist having a good look around the shop and in the end made the bracelet using newly acquired beads. It looks lovely and I'm very pleased with it. It gave me a chance to practice making my wired and wrapped loops and I can certainly do with that. Today during the jewellery class in Peebles we wrapped the beads even more with decorative patterns and I really like that. While the class is off for 2 weeks for Easter I plan to make a necklace with my silver wire just to practice these wrapped loops even more so that hopefully they will eventually look as even and beautiful as Rachel's (our teacher). It's funny as I have to remind myself continually not to expect to be perfect at the first go as I tell my own students during my quilt workshops but somehow I don't seem to want to accept this applies to me too!! From that point of view it's really useful to be a pupil again, so I can feel what it's like!!

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