Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Project 10

Today my Project 10, book 1 arrived. This was a joint project on the AlteredArtSwap Yahoo group made specially for the 10th anniversary of Somerset Studio Issue Jan/Feb 2007 issue. Pictures of some of the pages were published in the magazine after Theresa Martin send them to them. Afterwards it was decided to sell the 3 books on Ebay to raise money for Bernie Berlin's A Place to Bark animal rescue centre (see her blogspot link on the right!). I bought book 1 which contained a piece of my art.The book was put together by Theresa and holding it in my hand it just looks beautiful and it's fantastic to see all that art in real life. It has pieces from Paula Dion, Alessia Cowee, Lynnette April Cooper, Cat Doth-Ellis, Caryl Hoobler, me, Barbara Burkard, Sandee Hyde, Heather Rowley and Julie Molina. I've uploaded a picture of the actual book and also one of my own page. This will be a book to treasure for many years to come!!

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