Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Waves of Anger on its way to Paducah

I wish I would not feel this fear and trepidation mailing off Waves of Anger to the Paducah quiltshow. I should be pleased and over the moon the quilt was accepted (and I am!!) but handing it over in the postoffice produced a fluttering feeling in my stomach. Then Linda (in the po) filled in the wrong form originally which made me even more nervous. However it is on its way now so I can't do anything about what happens next. Blue Waves, the quilt which this one replaces, was stolen in Februay 2006 near Turin, Italy (read all about it on my website and Waves of Anger has only been to the Scottish Quilt Championships last October where I could take and collect it. I will have to try and be more grown up about it all!!

On a positive note, Abby's album has arrived safely with Lucinda in New Orleans (only took 1.1/2 weeks) so one less worry there.


Pink Granite said...

Your work is dazzling! I hope "Waves of Anger" arrives safe, sound and soon!
- Lee

Laura Krasinski said...

Freida.... I love this.. congrat's on it going to Paducah...


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