Monday, 4 June 2007

Update on the Three Graces

Or really the three Gracies as I've called the 3 new chickens as we really can't distinguish between them. The cockerel Hector, for whom we got the chickens, does not seem at all interested in them apart from chasing them away when I come to give them grain. Instead he stands guard over Cagney, the one remaining black chicken, while she is broody in the nestbox. Very strange! They look like an old married couple together. Usually cockerels are definitely not monogamous!! The animal who is totally obsessed with the 3 Gracies on the other hand, is Troi, the greyhound. She could spend hours staring at them though the fence and is specially interested when they flutter around while being chased by Hector. One of them flew over the fence the other day and it was only by shouting at the top of our voices and grabbing Troi, that disaster was avoided!
I'm still stitching away on that large quilt and the end of the quilting is now in sight. However the beading will start then and I reckon that will take about as long as the stitching. At least I don't presently have a deadline for this quilt as I will only decide where to enter it once it's finished to take some pressure of myself.
I've been thinking a lot about memories recently. It's so surprising to find certain memories suddenly popping up in my head. For no reason that I can figure out. All kinds of events of the past have come back to me as if they happened yesterday. One of them was easily explained as I was reading about someone's recent visit to Penshurst Place in Kent. I was there too, back in 1974 or 75, not sure which year it was anymore. On a weekend visit to Tunbridge Wells with a girlfriend. It was a hot, hot weekend and we were so impressed with the red phone boxes, which we don't have in Holland and which are now becoming rare in the U.K. too. I never for one single second imagined that I would end up living here some 5 or 6 years later and I definitely NEVER thought I would end up living in the U.K. for almost 28 years now. Life has always managed to surprise me in that way!! Not that I mind, at least not most of the time!! Once I start to think of memories more and more are starting to get clearer and I found I could remember quite a lot of my visit all that time ago. I suppose in that way your mind is like a computer hard drive, you just have to find the right button and this is easier on computers but a lot more fun in your head!

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