Wednesday, 6 June 2007

It's really Spring now!

It was another wonderfully sunny day here at Macbiehill so rather than working in my studio I've escaped outside and took some pictures. I should be working as I've still got that large quilt to work on, Bev's Round Robin Album has arrived to day (theme Friendship), I've got several articles to write, a class to prepare (Sunday at the Purely Patchwork shop in Linlithgow) and several swaps to do but the sun is such a pull that it usually manages to lure me outside.

Lenna send me an e-mail asking for pictures of the large quilt and I thought I would answer that question here in case anyone else wonders about this. So many competitions, exhibitions and publications have very strict rules about the pieces you enter and one of them can be the requirement that the item in question cannot have been published anywhere, including online. So I play it safe and don't publish pictures till the quilt or mixed media piece has arrived at the venue and the exhibition has been opened or the piece has been published in the magazine concerned and then I feel free to add the pics to my blog and website. ATCs are a different matter, they get their pictures posted as soon as they are done!!
Back to the garden. The first rose of the season is out. It's a beautiful white one, called Iceberg, which is almost totally white with a flush of peach at the very centre. It has a slight smell but it's main asset is the colour!

The courtyard outside my studio is now covered in blue Jacob's Ladder and white oxeye daisies. I know I should not allow them to have such a free reign and let them self seed themselves all over the place but honestly they look so luscious together who could resist?Finally a picture of Fanny (yes, that really is her name!), a rhododendron we have in a pot as our ground is not acidic enough for her liking and which has pink flowers with a splash of orange inside them. Made me think of Debby's orange and pink album which is now on its way to the States again. I think it's that delectable colour which led to her name!!

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Lenna said...

Thank you, Frieda for answering my questions! I had a feeling you could not show the large quilt you were working on yet . . . but I wondered (maybe hoped!) and was not sure. I always do enjoy seeing the larger pieces (quilts) when you have them exhibited and show us like recently and Loch Lomond?Your beautiful ATCs will keep me satiated (?) until then. And oh! Your garden is so lovely. What a gorgeous rose, beautiful wild flowers too.
Good luck with your class, etc!
yours, lenna


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