Sunday, 2 September 2007

Postage Stamps ATCs

I worked on these ATCs on and off while my mother is here (she's leaving tomorrow). I used bits left over from old fabric/paper collages and tried to find postage stamps to match. The postage stamps ATC swap featured on the ATCards site and I could not resist making another lot. I've got heaps of postage stamps, as I find them irresistable and also because I stocked up ages ago when I used them to make my Postage Stamp Quilt quite some years ago now and pictured above.
Three were made with an orange and pink background which I made for Debby's Round Robin album that had these colours as its theme
and the other one were made with a background made for my September Journal Quilt. It used napkins of wine labels and chateau pictures so it was only natural to combine these with French stamps. One had some music on it and as I had no more French suitable ones, I found this horn stamp and added the "blow the horn" quotation.

By next week everything will be back to normal here and my lectures and classes are also starting up at that time so back to hopefully arting and/or quilting every day. I really, really miss being in my studio and hanker to get back! I did manage to make one bracelet and a necklace this week (not original ones but from patterns) though so the time was well spent. I did this in a sociable fashion in the living room so I could continue chatting with my mother!

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