Tuesday, 6 November 2007

It really is Autumn

I needed to get to a computer today as my Tiscali connection at home was not working (now thankfully fully restored!) so I went to Peebles library. As I was that far I decided to travel on to a delighful 2nd hand book shop a bit further on down the A72 road and indulge myself, which I duely did. Keep your eye out for future art using all my beautiful finds. Then I bought a coffee and apple-turnover and took the back roads and picknicked all by my lonesome self, on my return journey. And my bad mood just vanished.
The world really can be such a stunning beautiful place that it almost makes you breathless. These are only 2 of the picture I took but can you believe the colour of these leaves!


Lenna Andrews said...

I love your photos, Frieda! Across the way in Connecticut it looks much the same, and I just relish it. I love this season and so enjoy watching the colours change. Thank you for sharing; I can't wait to see how you incorporate your finds into your art!
: ) lenna

ELLIE said...

I had forgotten how so beautiful fall leaves are....I have been living in the sunshine state for 20 years (moved here from NY) and our leaves do not change like that...the pictures are beautiful!!!


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