Monday, 7 January 2008

Another fall of snow

We had another huge amount of snow overnight so once again we awoke to a white, silent world. No complaints from me, apart from the fact that postie did not manage to make it up the hill but hopefully the mail will make it tomorrow.

Of course the day asked for more wintry pictures and I once again went around and took loads. I just can't get enough of these and the Canon EOS 400D does such a great job, even in subdued lighting conditions. Here are two just to enjoy for you.
This is one of our bird houses, which was made by John himself. It looks beautiful covered with snow!
And here is a belated Christmas tree, and don't they look much more beautiful decorated by nature itself instead of by human hand! We planted all the trees in our garden apart from one or two, when we first moved in 12 years ago and it's just wonderful to see them growing tall and large now!

Of course, snow also signifies cold, and it is indeed quite cold but I have to say that I must be getting more and more used to it. When we first moved in I used to spend the whole winter wrapped in mutiple sweaters, scarves and coats, not to mention boots and gloves, but now I venture outside in just a t-shirt with cardigan, no coat, no gloves and no scarf, but with boots (my crocs just don't suit this weather!). I still have loads of scarves and am still making more as they are such easy and convenient knits of an evening.
I used to knit all the time before I became entangled in embroidery and quilting and knitted my way around the world, when knitting on planes was still allowed. Then I sort of came to a complete halt when those other activities took over my life but the beautiful new yarns drew me in, as well as reading about Jane Brocket's joy in her knitting. So I picked up my knitting needles again and this is one of the first things I made. It's a scarf and it's the yarn that makes this project. It's called Manos del Uruguay which is space-dyed by hand in Uruquay (as you might have guessed!) and it is pure wool. I will try and show you more of my knitting on this blog in the future! The pattern for this scarf is in the public domain and here is where you can find it: Sheep in the City.


Helen Cowans said...

Snow looks beautiful - all of ours had gone now :( We didn;t get anymore last night.

That wool loooks fantastic! I too am knitting at night.... must get some photos taken for my blog.

Anonymous said...

Good grief woman, is there anything you can't do?! You quilt, you stitch, you collage, you paint; now you take fantastic photographs and knit as well!! And you do it all so fabulously!

Lenna Andrews said...

it is amazing, frieda - I have hand dyed yarn that is almost identical to this . . . I have almost finished a sweater made of it, I think I have a sleeve to go . . . I was learning how to knit when my first marriage was breaking up and in the class i was taking to learn knitting we dubbed it my "separation" sweater! I will find the photo i have of it unfinished & send it to you - you will be amazed at the similarity!


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