Sunday, 27 January 2008

Collage Mania

I hope to participate in Virginia Spiegel's latest fundraising project for the American Cancer Society. You can read all about it on her website and her blog.

This is the first collage I completed today, called Eternity. The background is a greenish fabric with a fan design which I layered with batting and machine quilted with gold thread along the fan lines. I added ribbon along the side and the slanted bottom using both sides of the ribbon (from Alphastamps). They were stitched down. I added a scanned in image of one of my paper/fabric collages ( the July one with roses) which I printed out on silk. At the top I added a stamped image (from Alphastamps) and on the ribbon I added the text printed out onto cotton: I saw Eternity the other night. I added hand stitching around both pieces. The entire piece was then overlaid with a red sparkling net (a gift from Tristan!) and then stitched onto a red velvet background.
The whole piece is inspired by an evening not too long ago, when I let out the dogs last thing at night. It was a cold but very bright night with a full moon and lots of stars. I stood in my courtyard and looked out into the sky feeling like the world was tilting (so I made the piece with a bottom slant), and I was staring into eternity. I could not help wondering what would happen if only the slightest thing goes wrong with the arrangements of moon around earth, earth around sun, sun in constellation, all the other suns and so on, without end. A scary moment!

The entire piece was mounted onto mat board (size 8 x 10") with the red shell buttons in the corner.

You will be able to buy this and other beautiful collages for $40 in May. I will alert everyone again when the time comes!


Lenna Andrews said...

This is so wonderful Frieda, I plan to be working on this as well. Thank you for introducing me to Virginia Spiegel & her wonderful work. : ^ ) lenna

Debby said...

Frieda this is beautiful. I really have enjoyed looking at this piece. I am going to run over and check out Virginia's website.


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