Sunday, 6 January 2008

Last 2 collages for the Collage Exchange

Here are the last 2 collages for the 10th International Collage Exchange. All the collages were posted to New Zealand yesterday. I'll be posting more news about them once the Exchange and exhibition of them begin in April. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the other collages on display all be it only digitally, and of course also can't wait to see what will come back here in due course. And you know, after dithering all this time about participating, I can't wait to do it all again. I loved making these and getting out all my paints, and just playing away!!

The one above is called You love me still, after the poem which you can see at bottom right. It features a vintage girl with her cat, vintage music and text, a stencilled sunflower using soft molding paste (from Golden) and gold foiling. All the paints used are fluid acrylics, all from Golden.

The final one is called: Your love is dead, and there again is a vintage image of a couple by the seaside, a Victorian scrap of flowers, vintage text and music, including the poem from which the title is taken. The soft molding paste was pressed through sequin waste and was then gold foiled again. I used a lot more blue on this one because of the seaside atmosphere of the image and I like the bright and cheerful mix, despite the depressing title.

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Lenna Andrews said...

I have truly enjoyed seeing you 'play with paint' and create these collages, Frieda! Wonderful colors and feeling in each piece.


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