Saturday, 30 August 2008

Shades of White ATC Swap

I've decided to take a break from hosting inchies swap on the Atcsforall site as they were so huge things were getting out of control. I might still continue to do some ATC ones in the hope that they will be a bit smaller, and will keep the number of participants restricted to 15. The admin and worry was getting a bit too much for me. But of course I need my fix and so will sign up for swaps run by other people so they get the strain and I get to have fun!

The first one I signed up for is a fabric one, surprise, surprise, called Shades of White and you can see one of the cards (they are all much the same but with different vintage buttons) above. The background is a white fabric ironed onto Fast2Fuse and covered with lace, trims and fancy white fibers and ricrac. The cards were then cut to size and buttons were sewn on as shown. The centre button is surrounded with white and clear size 11 seed beads by hand.

Finally another white fabric was ironed onto the other side of the Fast2Fuse to form the back and a crinkly white yarn was couched onto the edges with white zigzag stitching on the machine.


Lenna Andrews said...

Well, I certainly understand your need for a break from hosting, Frieda. It is a good thing to listen to yourself and take action : ^)
I love the textures in your shades of white ATC. We did this theme with quilties at and the participants loved it much more than I expected!
Your inchie swaps introduced me to this small form and you did an awesome job, thank you!

Cyber Fyber said...

Today I'm creating labels for the ATCs in the upcoming CYBER FYBER exhibition but I can't resist sneaking a peek into some of the blogs while I work. I'm so glad I looked in on your wonderful blog. I adore the thistle quilt. I can also relate to a project getting way out of control. Some days I feel like this! This exhibition, however, is going to be worth it! Thanks for sharing and especially for trading with me!
CYBER FYBER and also


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