Sunday, 19 October 2008

More ATCspecially featured pieces

I'm carrying on with my descriptions of the pieces made for publication in the ART specially for You Magazine, issue 5. One you will have seen before but above is another picture. You can read all about how it was created on an earlier blog post here. As you can see, it's a companion piece to the piece shown next!

The other piece picture above here is called Souls Reaching Heaven and features one of my Haikus. In this piece I have used both pieces of the actual fabric paper collage as well as a piece of the same fabric paper collage but this time scanned into my computer and printed out onto inkjet cotton sheet (from Crafty Computer Paper). Stamps and images are all by Alphastamps.

Make the background for Souls Reaching Heaven out of a sandwich formed by a 15cm square (or 6" square) piece of blue fabric, wadding (batting) and a backing fabric. Quilt this using one of the decorative stitches on your sewing machine. Cut a 10cm (4") square piece from the printed cotton sheet and sew this onto the centre of the blue fabric quiltie with a machine zigzag stitch. Add size 11 blue seed beads along this edge by hand.
Cut 3 x 2.5cm (1") , so called inchies, pieces from your original fabric paper background and sew these in place onto the piece as shown in the picture above, slightly offset to the right.
The Haiku has been written using a Dymo writer (black on transparent tape) and reads as follows:

Birds reaching for food
flapping their wings
and singing
Souls reaching heaven
Sew this text around the centre square as shown in the picture.
Finish the edges with a pink transparent ribbon and add a little pink button in all four corners.

All the other pieces featured in the ART specially for You magazine have been featured on this blog before.

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