Monday, 10 November 2008

U is for Umbrella

Finally the collage for Mimi's other page is dry. It seemed to take forever, a sign of the increasingly cool and damp weather. But today I could get to work on it. She wanted her book to look like an old-fashioned ABC book and after much thought I came up with the U is for Umbrella. I know the pictures look rather like parasols, but really it's much the same thing!

When making my fabric/paper collage I used vintage capital U letters as well as ABC napkins and napkins featuring umbrellas, which also dictated the colours that I used. I added a fabric image of a vintage lady with a parasol and superimposed a transparent umbrella (from Paperwhimsy) on top and I also added another 2 identical transparencies (apart from the colours of course).

I stamped the word umbrella next to 2 of the capital Us, using loose letter stamps. Love the brightness of this page and hope Mimi will too!


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