Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A bit of knitting

Finally I've finished a scarf which I have been knitting for over 2 years now. It was meant to be ready for last winter but at least it's done now and it looks lovely!

I fell in love with the book with the pattern in it at first sight. Even the outside of the book looks delightful as you can see above.

All the patterns use THE most gorgeous wool I have ever seen, made in Canada and called Koigu Painter's Pallet Premium Merino (mostly bought on Ebay by me) and this is the Basic Squares Scarf on page 60 of the book! I still have lots of wool left (like all my other hoarding, I must have been thinking all wool would disappear from the face of the earth and therefore I needed to buy it all first!!!) and I've already made a start on a wrap from the same book. Now only question is, do I need some more wool?


Jude said...

Oh, my goodness me! I've fallen in love too...... What a fabulous scarf, did you have to knit all the little squares seperately, then sew them up? And the book looks good too!! Did you get that from Amazon?? Tell me tell me!!And you got the wool from E Bay? How?

Lenna Andrews said...

Gorgeous colours and pattern, Frieda -yummy! Plus you always make me laugh with your 'hoarding' of supplies comments!!

: )) glad you can wear it now!


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