Monday, 12 January 2009

Z is for Zenobia

Here as promised is the 2nd page for Linda's album Women of Letters. Zenobia is the only woman in the Z section of the encyclopaedia and here is her full description:

Zenobia: Queen of Palmyra. She married Odenatus, who shared the Roman Empire with Gallenus, and on the death of her husband she made it her ambition to elevate Palmyra to pre-eminence in the Eastern Roman Empire. She took the name Augusta and claimed to be Queen of the East. Her subjugation of Egypt caused the Emperor Aurelian to lead an expedition against her in A.D. 271. She was captured and allowed to retire to Tibur, where she died.

Quite a girl, in other words!!

I used a background made by using gesso on calico (muslin in US speak), sticking down texts and covering with fluid acrylic paints in various colours. I then dived into my supplies and managed to come up with quite a few Eqyptian themed items. It's amazing to discover what you have (specially when your studio is a messy, disorganized tip!). The image of the turquoise female face and the other large one are both paper and have been glued and stitched down, as has the paper text. The Z is from a sticker sheet as are the golden Egyptian images. The hieroglyphs at top left come from fabric and were bondawebbed and stitched down. Again I used size 11 seed beads around the large paper image.

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