Thursday, 8 January 2009

Cyber Fyber exhibition

Today is the opening of the Cyber Fyber exhibition in the Gallery 80808/Vista Studios in Columbia, SC, United States. Cyber Fyber is an exhibition of international fiber art focusing on the supportive, global Internet connected community of textile artists. The exhibition will include 250 + fiber postcards and 160 + fiber ATC, and includes one of my ATCs as well as one of my fiber postcards. You can also see the exhibitions online. This is for the ATCs (mine is no. 123) and here is the site for the postcards (mine is no. 95 and see above for a picture too). The whole thing is organized by textile artist Susan Lenz and you can read about how I made both the ATC and postcard on this previous blog post .

Just wish I could visit in person but the online show is also wonderful to see and I recognize so many names!


Jaqi said...

How beautiful, what wonderful colours, Jaqi

Shelly said...

Hi Frieda -
Long been admiring your ATCs through ATC Quarterly and just happened upon your blog through the link at Cyber Fyber.
You do fabulous, fabulous work. Love all the layers you achieve with your techniques.
Happy New Year !!

Mª Clara Lloveras said...


I am Maria Clara of Spain.

I discovered your atcs in “Cyber Fyber”, is precious! You are a great artist!

I would like to make an swap of atcs with you!

Maria Clara


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