Monday, 12 January 2009

Y is for Young Cinderella

Finally things are back to normal after the Christmas and Hogmanay celebrations. I know some people suffer from the post Christmas blues but in my case I feel energized once the 5th January is upon us and life returns to normal. And I kid you not, I even notice that the days are already getting longer, not by much, I grant you, but enough to persuade me we are going in the right direction i.e. towards Spring. And as I also feel quite virtuous, having gotten rid of some of my backlog and having finished hand quilting (now on to the beading!) a large quilt I'm full of zest for new art!

The Alphabetica project is now also coming to a close as we're on the last letters, Y and Z, and I'm making these for Linda Eustace whose album is themed Women of Letters. I found someone for the Z immediately I opened an encyclopaedia (see next post) but Y mystified me at first until I decided to put Young in front of whoever I wanted to work on. I then discovered a remnant of one of my fabric/paper collages using roses, a really lovely image from the Happily Ever After sheet from Alphastamps and the page started coming together nicely.

The rose collage was stitched onto felt, the image was stitched on with zigzag stitch and I also added the rose (from Alphastamps Roses #1 sticker sheet) as well as the black shadow images of Cinderella etc by using the Alphastamps Cinderella Borders sheet in sticker form. The word Cinderella is also from that sheet and the letters forming Young are from a sticker sheet I bought ages ago. I added size 11 seed beads around the paper image and the page was done!

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