Monday, 19 January 2009

Winter Scene

It's a winter wonder land today at Macbiehill. By chance the page in my A Year in Art book showed the above picture (Winter Scene, early 17th Century, by Gijsbrecht Lijtens) today accompanied by the following text:

"Wintry boughs against a wintry sky;
Yet the sky is partly blue
And the clouds are partly bright.
Who can tell but sap is mounting high,
Out of sight,
Ready to burst through?"

Well, I suppose, we can but hope!! Isn't it amazing though how our little cottage (see below) looks so similar to the painting, while far removed both in time and place?

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Lenna Andrews said...

your cottage does look like the one in the painting, Frieda... it's quite amazing! I've been thinking of you and hope the beading portion of your large quilt is going well, and that you are by the fire when when it is cold & snowy there!! xo lenna


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