Monday, 9 February 2009

Life framed bracelet and more snow!

It's been a busy weekend, snow snovelling the drive so that I could get the car out and slither down the lane to go to a beading class at the beadshop in Haddington. That project is still very far from complete and I'll show you the pictures just as soon as I get around to finishing it but it did remind me that I haven't shown pictures of this finished bracelet here yet. It's one of Laura McCabe's designs out of her book Creating Crystal Jewellery with Swarowski and is called the Life Framed Bracelet. As per usual the scanner is not exactly great at showing all that sparkle but is the best I can come up with.

As I'm typing this I glanced outside and yes, it's snowing again. In the garden and on the old railway line where I walk the dogs there is now more than 8" snow as more and more snow piles up on top of older snow which has frozen and turned into ice. While walking this afternoon I could not help noticing just how white snow is!! Even Troi, who in normal circumstances looks really white (with brindle spots, of course), looks quite dirty or should I make that ivory (so as not to insult her!).
Her "brother" however looks even redder than he normally does against all that whiteness.

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Lenna Andrews said...

Frieda, I love all these photos you've shared! The bracelet is a beautiful piece of beaded work, and the dogs, oh! Troi is as cute as I have ever seen him and Rueben looks so dashing.

It's funny, but 'across the pond' my snow is just like yours. A little higher piled up maybe, but the same crusty, icy snow under fresh snow & very white. The past two days it got into the 40's (6 or 7 for you, I think) so some of it melted and our driveway was not so narrow. (and i was warmer!)

xo lenna


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