Friday, 13 March 2009

Another Blue/Green ATC

As I mentioned in my previous post I made another blue/green ATC for Lenna, one of the participants in the Colour Groupies monthly ATC swap. I was having a search through my collage images and could not resist this one of a woman reading as I know she has started to read again, spurred on by her husband, so it seemed like it had to be.

The ATC uses the same blue velvet background as the other ones but on top of that I have added a silk fabric printed with a detail from a Monet painting and on top of this I have stitched the transparency image.

I was looking through my vintage books and found this text which is meant ironically because in actual fact I think of Lenna often, and wish she could live just down the lane instead of on the other side of the Atlantic!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

This is a real beauty - of course, I like mine ... but this is really special.

Lenna Andrews said...

'down the lane' . . . oh, wouldn't that be so sweet!! I will have to talk to steven about that (grin). It seems there is water and boats a plentiful to keep him happy where you live : ))

I was wondering if in your last post you meant the ATC you made for me, as mine was different from what you were showing. I love Monet, and now the text will make me giggle!

And between yours & Steven's influence, I truly am reading much more than ever before.
I am now reading 'Life is a Verb-37 days' with much interest and I thank you for another great recommendation. : ^ )
xo lenna

Núria Madurell said...


Are you still interested in trading fiber ATC's?

I'd love to swap with you if you are still interested.

Nuria Madurell


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