Friday, 27 March 2009

Eiffel Tower ATCs

My final lot of outstanding ATCs are now finished and my To Do list looks quite empty, although probably not for long as I get tempted oh so easily to enlist on more.

A couple of months back I joined the Marie Antoinette site on which we are supposed to participate in at least one swap every 3 month and I'm doing well as this is my 2nd ATC swap there already.

This one has the theme Eiffel Tower and did not need to have a Marie Antoinette image. The poor girl never saw the tower of course, as it was erected many years after her death. It seems strange that such an iconic image of Paris is actually relatively recent. But I though I would give her a glimpse and she forms a ghostly image on my cards.

As background I have once again used one of my fabric/paper collages (made using vintage maps of Paris as well as serviettes with Parisian images) and the images from the Eiffel Tower come from Alphastamps Paris in Color collage sheet (designed by Altered by Design).

I printed out the Marie Antoinette images myself onto a transparent sheet, cut her to size and stitched her onto the background. All ATCs have the text Joie de Vivre which I think typifies Marie Antoinette. I made 3 to swap and the one above for me to keep.

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Colette said...

Are you saying you can stitch transparencies onto fabric? I am learning from you.


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