Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Blue Rose Fabric Postcard

I made this postcard as a gift for someone and wanted to keep it a surprise, but as she has now received it here is a picture of it for you all to see.

I used part of a vintage handkerchief for this card, featuring a blue rose. Of course although some roses are supposed to be blue, in reality they are more mauve coloured and a true blue rose (just like a true blue tulip) has yet to be invented. I don't really know why growers are so anxious about finding them as roses in my opinion are pretty enough in whites, pinks, reds, and yellows and tulips already come in an amazing array of colours but blue seems to be the Holy Grail.

I'm not sure when I acquired this handkerchief as I have been buying them together with vintage postcards since my student days when I used to rummage among the flea markets of Amsterdam. As I did not have a lot of money I indulged my buying streak with these relatively cheap items and have kept it up ever since. Even nowadays when I feel the need to buy something coming upon me I search Ebay for them.

Anyway it seemed this handkerchief really wanted to make it onto a fabric postcard so here it is, together with two fabric Eros heads (from Alphastamps Fairytale Curtains sheet). They are singing the praises of Blue Roses, I guess!!

I then covered the entire postcard with a transparent glittery fabric so the rose looks sort of mysterious.

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