Saturday, 11 July 2009

Another fine day

Another beautiful sunny and warm day here at Macbiehill and although I put some token stitches in a collage for appearences's sake, in reality I simply had a day off, read a new book about the Spanish architect Gaudi, studied my American Quilter and Quilters' Newsletter magazines and roamed around the garden looking for photo opportunities.

We do live in such a wonderful place that I occasionally have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming and you can see why on this picture. Paradise itself could not have lovelier!
I also spend some time lying in the grass and looking at the clouds, listening to the birds and the gently clucking chickens (with an dog bark thrown in now and again). Peace on earth!!


Lenna Andrews said...

Lovely photo, Frieda! You Are So Smart to appreciate and enjoy all the beauty around you. I've got the necklace on you made me for my birthday with the millefiori beads & heart . . . i am wearing it tomorrow to Wolfe Island I've decided! Thanks again, it is beautiful.

Maggi said...

Hey, even artists deserve a day of rest! lol This picture is perfect, I could see spending many hours there!


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