Thursday, 27 August 2009

Say Cheese ATC

The latest issue of the ATCquarterly magazine is out featuring all the ATCs dedicated to Andy Warhol in the centre of the magazine, including one by me. I've pictured it above as it can be seen in the magazine, and you can read about how I made it on a previous blog post here.

It also means that the theme of the next challenge is announced. and it is: Say Cheese.
For some reason (!) I immediately associate cheese with wine (well, it is a great combination!!) and as I knew I still had a bit of fabric-paper background left with a glass of wine on it, I grabbed it off the shelf and started work on the ATC straightaway. I added a sad, surprised looking clown character ( from Alphastamps Large Theatre Jumping Jacks fabric sheet) as he looked as if he was about to say cheese but was not very happy about it. He really gives the impression of being caught in headlights.

The text that came to me to accompany this image was made on my Dymo writer and transparent, self-adhesive tape. It reads: Just say cheese, and you'll get a glass of wine!

I also added a bottle (in the shape of a charm) and 3 heart shaped buttons for the clown. The card is finished with wine coloured satin stitching


Maggi said...

I remember the Warhol ATC, love it!

Okay, I think this is my new favorite Frieda ATC! lol It's got some humor, awesome stitching as always, the charm is a great touch and I love the wording you used! Plus, it has wine. :P lol Great job!

Lenna Andrews said...

awesome, all around frieda - wow!!


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