Thursday, 3 September 2009

No more ironing of uniform shirts

We've been counting down and finally the day arrived yesterday. When John came back from his nightshift, that was it. No more work, no more getting up at 5.30 am, coming home at midnight or working through the night! Although he's not officially retired yet but on leave till next January when the actual date falls, he is free! Which was announced loud and clear when he got home at 8 a.m.!

I'll love having him home if only because it will make it much easier for me to go away (only joking, honestly!!) and leave the dogs in his care but also because I will never have to iron his uniform shirts again.

I don't actually mind ironing, which is just as well as I must have ironed enough fabric to go around the globe at least once, but uniform shirts are quite another matter. They have to be just so and I do have a special iron to do them so that no glue, fabric paint or ink gets transferred to them. Fellow textile artists will know what I'm talking about.

We've been really busy since this auspicious day but hopefully we will both settle down again and get on with our own things, meeting up for cups of tea and coffee. I have to admit here that to date I have never stopped for these so it will be a new experience! And we can discuss who is going to walk the dogs in the rain at the same time!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

congrats to both of you!

what is this activity "ironing" of which you speak?

Maggi said...

Congratulations to John! I hope he enjoys his new found freedom!

Helen Cowans said...

the new routine (and options for escaping!)

Lenna Andrews said...

hooray, frieda & john! whoo whoo!! what a delightful, delish post to read. thank you for sharing this special day -NO more Ironing uniform shirts- and more, of course!! with love, Lenna

Ati. said...

A new era in your life. Enjoy it, both of you!

Debby said...

Congrats to John!! The two of you must be very excited.


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