Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Very appropriately we collected this wood engraving today. I spotted it in an exhibition in Peebles in September at the opening but of course had to wait till the exhibition was over to collect it. It went straight to the framer and today it was ready!
I bought it as I just loved the different textures in this piece as well as the subject matter. It's no. 3 in a limited edition of 100 and is by Geri Waddington. I really admire the enormous efforts that go into making a printing block to make these engravings from and I also fell in love with the doves.
Today is our 27th wedding anniversary and we felt like turtledoves again (LOL!). It is at once amazing that so much time has gone by and yet at the same time it feels like yesterday. It was a much nicer and sunnier day than it is here today (streaming with rain and dark all day). We got married with very little notice (only 48 hours) and very few people in attendance and only so that I could accompany John on his ship (he was in the Merchant Navy at the time). And here we still are, happy as can be and proving quite a few people wrong in their assumptions that it would never last!! We knew it would!


Aida Costa said...

Congratulations!!! It made me smile to read this :)

Ati. said...

Gefeliciteerd Frieda en nog vele gelukkige jaren samen!
Prachtige gravure :)

Helen Cowans said...

Happy Anniversary :)


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