Thursday, 14 January 2010

Yes, it's snowing again!

Bet you started to miss the snow pictures??! The snow has far from gone, although it was thawing yesterday and instead of immaculate white beauty we had messy, brown slush starting to form on top of the snow. But today it was snowing again when we woke up; it snowed more during the day and virginal white is once again the order of the day.

I thought I would try walking along the old railway line, taking Rueben only, just to see if it could be done. I made it about 200 yards in but had to give up as it was such hard work having to lift my legs high enough to take the next step and then seeing them disappear almost to my knees when I put them down. It was invigorating though, and Rueben loved being able to disappear into the trees where no doubt there is a great deal less snow and he can sniff and run. Shame there is no way I can get there myself.

After our return I wanted to sit down for a little rest but alas, all our benches look like this! Definitely not to sit on, but to look at and admire.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


I can't believe you have more "weather" happening.

I will never complain about New England winters again!

(I'd move if I were you - LOL)

the wild magnolia said...

Never expecting to visit Scotland in person I loved the pictures of where you live.

Looking back in your post I was rewarded with beautiful art.

Thank you for sharing.


Lenna Andrews said...

snow, snow, snow! my goodness frieda, this will be a winter to remember for you. i think you got your wish!!!
: )) lenna

friedaquilter said...

This has been a winter like no other we've ever had and "whisper, whisper" I am still really enjoying it. I know it's a nuisance and even a disaster for many people, but I just love the snow. Always have and this might just be the last winter with so much snow, considering issues like global warming. So I'm making the very most of it. Thanks so much for all your great comments!

Maggi said...

Here I am, praying for warmer weather and then I get snow! Well, your snow anyway! lol What a beautiful area you live in, it makes me want to come there and retire! lol


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