Monday, 25 January 2010

Farewell to the snow

Yes, sadly, the snow is now well on its way out. There are still pockets of it about, specially in our garden, it seems. But most of it is gone and has left a slushy brown icy mess behind.

I could not resist the last opportunity to share one of my snow pictures with you. This one was taken on my most memorable snow walk. I know I will remember this walk for the rest of my life, as although I was surrounded by extreme cold, my heart was filled with utter and complete happiness.

Not something that happens a lot in life but therefore all the most special when it does. A memory forever!


theresa martin said...

I enjoyed your snow walks almost as much for you. Thanks for posting about them. This photo is glorious and memorable for sure.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Lovely photo.

Our snow is now gone too, in a downpour of rain.

Unlike you, it suits me just fine! LOL

Maggi said...

A gorgeous picture for a gorgeous memory!

Judy said...

Hallo Frieda,

Wat is de wereld schitterend als er sneeuw ligt. De sneeuw as hier ook helemaal weg, maar gisteren is er een nieuw pak gevallen.
Ik lees je blog nog steeds met veel plezier. Groetejs Uit een mooi maar koud Nederland


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