Thursday, 14 January 2010

Skinny Pages for Karen

In the closed Yahoo Group OhMyGothic we have decided to swap skinny pages this year (in fact for the next 15th months) after starting with Gothic Arches (hence the name of the group) in 2008 and then swapping little houses last year. Our skinny pages are sized 4 x 8" and we are making them for a different artist every month. This, our first, month I made the front and the back of the page for Karen. I actually made these some time ago but totally forgot I had done so. When I was moving some stuff around my studio I re-discovered the pages and they will now be mailed to Karen asap.

I knew Karen liked blue, birds and vintage architecture so all those elements found their way into her page and of course my own inclination led me to mount it all on fabric. I used Fast2Fuse as the lining for the pages.

The fabric images are from the Alpha Stamps Bouguereau #4 collage sheet and the transparency on one side of the stairway is from Alpha Stamps Blue Stairways collage sheet.

The black swallows are Dresden scrap, and also available from Alpha Stamps. I used a transparent sparkling ribbon to edge the page with but have to say that it gave me more trouble than both pages combined so I'll probably give that a miss next time! I like the look of it, though!


Lenna Andrews said...

your pages are so lovely, Frieda. The stitching around on the first side of the page is so appealing! And i love that you made your page for Karen out of fabric. i look forward to seeing more and so glad we get to exchange pages as well.
xo lenna

Maggi said...

The blue is beautiful for this project!


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